About Your Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy is a painful disease that affects the nervous system and its ability to sense movement and pressure to the area that sustained the nerve damage. Neuropathy can cause multiple and painful symptoms.

Neuropathy symptoms

Neuropathy is a result of nerve damage somewhere in the body so in order to determine what a person’s symptoms might be one must know which of the three types of nerves have been harmed.

  1. Sensory Nerves – will cause a wide range of symptoms such as: inability to determine positioning, tingling feet, numb feet, pinching and severe pain, feelings of freezing and burning might occur as well.
  2. Motor Nerve – this form of nerve damage can lead to muscle spasms and muscle cramps making running and walking very difficult. Awkwardness and lack of stability when performing easy mundane tasks.
  3. Autonomic Nerves – can affect the internal organs and leave a person struggling with daily body functions such as using the bathroom, sweating, and sexual complications.

About Your Neuropathy Treatment

As you can see neuropathy is not an illness that allows for everyday function. Though neuropathy affects the nervous system and there might be causes or disorders that are unpreventable, refraining from alcohol and eating a nutritionally balanced diet can help lessen the chances of diabetic neuropathy. Treatment for neuropathy is possible but can take time.

Neuropathy Support Formula

Neuropathy Support Formula uses vitamins and anti-oxidants to lesson and prevent painful symptoms that flare up due to peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy Support formula is a natural neuropathy treatment with no side effects and no painful injections to endure. HSD Deactivate Review  Support Formula is a combination of the following natural ingredients:

B1 Vitamins– can help the effects that neuropathy, nephropathy general nerve damage as well as the overall health of a diabetic’s coronary and improve the health of those that are not diabetic.

B 12 Vitamin– has been said to, by clinical studies, redevelop nerves. B12 can also increase the protein in your body which ultimately helps in giving life back to your nerves.

Alpha-Lipoic acid– helps to get the blood moving and oxidants to be released providing oxygen to make its way to damaged nerves which ease the pain of neuropathy in feet and hands.

Propriety Blend– assist in balancing a person’s bloods sugar levels, restores strength to a weakened nervous system and gives pain relief to the damaged nerve cells.

Peripheral neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy are associated with nerve damage that can translate to nerve problems all over the body, including the feet. Neuropathy in feet is a particularly nasty condition that can leave the sufferer in agony, or lead to amputation. Also, neuropathy in feet can be caused by nerve damage that results from disease and conditions, such as: HIV/AIDS, diabetes, alcoholism, and Lyme disease.

Common Symptoms of Neuropathy in Feet

The most common symptoms of foot neuropathy are: tingling feet, numb feet, and foot pain that can radiate up the foot and into the legs. The tingling and numbness are caused by the misfiring of the damaged nerves in the feet and the peripheral nervous system.

Advanced Symptoms of Neuropathy

As the disease progresses the symptoms will become steadily worse. The pain will become sharper, and the tingling sensations will become more like electrical shocks. Also, some sufferers will experience a burning sensation in their feet. These symptoms can be relieved using topical creams, but most people find pain relief when using therapies, such as acupuncture and massage therapy.

Severe Symptoms of Neuropathy

The longer the condition is present the worse the symptoms. As the nerve damage becomes more severe, the sufferer will begin to notice that the pain is unbearable, or that the numbness has spread and become more pronounced. This numbness can be dangerous, because lack of sensation in the feet can lead to loss of balance. Once the condition has progressed this far, topical neuropathy creams, acupuncture and massage therapy may no longer be effective neuropathy treatments, but you may find success using nerve support formula, which is an herbal supplement that can help improve nerve function.

Neuropathy in feet is a potentially dangerous condition that has many treatments, but no cure. Visit your physician often to learn about the newest and most effective neuropathy treatments available. Keeping ahead of the neuropathy treatment game will help you find pain relief despite the severity of your neuropathy.