Hall of Fame Judges
Hall of Fame judges evaluate the merit of nominations we receive and cast their vote for who they believe should be inducted into the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame. Nominations are divided into two categories, historical (deceased) and contemporary (living). Judging takes place in two separate rounds and each judges is assigned to only one round of judging. The top 25 nominees selected by the first panel of judges proceed to the second round of judging. A judge’s work is done independently and not in consultation with others. Judges may choose to evaluate the historical or contemporary nominations and to serve on the first judging panel in May or the second panel in June.
To be considered as a judge for the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame, click the link below and fill out a judge applicant form, including your preferences for category and month. This does not guarantee that you will serve as a judge. You will be contacted by the Michigan Women’s Historical Center & Hall of Fame around March to confirm your status as a judge. You may not serve as a judge in the same category as a nomination form you have submitted (for example, if you have submitted a nomination for a historical candidate, you may not serve as a historical category judge, but could be considered for a contemporary category judge).
As a special thank you for serving as a judge, you will be offered a reservation to the Hall of Fame Awards Dinner & Induction Ceremony at a steeply reduced rate and you name and city will be listed in the program book at the event.
Timeline for judges and nomination process:
April 15 - Cutoff date for current year judging
Week of April 15 - Nominations are mailed to first round judging pool
May 13 - First Round ballots are due
Week of May 26 - Top 25 nominations are mailed to second round judging pool
June 17 - Second Round ballots are due
Mid-June - Top honorees are identified and confirmed by MWF Board of Trustees 
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